The fishing co-operative is essentially a variation on the theme of the habitable bridge, stretched between the southern and northern banks of the river that flows through the city of Pointe Noire before reaching the sea, splitting the informal settlement of fishermen in half.

The programme regroups the activities directly linked to fishing: the repair of boats and nets, the treatment and sale of fish, including spaces for freezing and drying; with auxiliary spaces for the fishermen: a cantine, changing room and showers, a meeting and training room as well as offices. The spaces open to the public are situated at the level of the beach, the sheltered area for orders and purchases resembling a raised public square.

The building comprises a concrete frame structure with an open plan logic allowing for spatial reconfigurations depending on the needs of users. With the exception of the private spaces on the intermediate level, the building is open laterally and thus naturally ventilated.

A raised walkway links the cooperative with the centre of the community further inland. It strategically reaches ground level in proximity to the major road leading to the centre of Pointe Noire, thus serving as an alternative route for the transport of fish to the main market. Furthermore, the walkway serves to bring services – water and electricity – to the community from the main road.