Behind the Green Door Project Collaborator

Architecture and the Desire for Sustainability / Oslo Architecture Triennale 2013

"Every so often society experiences a profound shift in its model of perceiving the world. Economical, social, technological forces align to enable ideas and modes of organisation unimaginable just a few years before. If history teaches what the driving forces have been of past revolutions, it does not provide clear instructions on how to provoke one on demand, let alone manage one. Yet it is precisely such a shift that, in recent years, became the ultimate political ambition of European society: to break away from existing schemes in favour of a model that would be in harmony with the environment. To achieve that goal, architecture (at all of its scales) is brought forward as a potent lever. Its role, as it's being envisioned, is it to induce the silent revolution. To change how communities relate to nature and themselves. To build the sustainable society."