476* days of finances
An exhibition by

Bernardo Robles Hidalgo

More than 700 monetary transactions, a significant number of which are exhibited here. All the money spent in the last 476 days of the artist's life is documented by way of bills. As a result, the exact times, locations, and objects of his expenditures can be tracked. On the reverse side of each bill, brushstrokes hold in place the artist's memories of the specific purchase. Each is also an indicator of circumstance, impulse, desire, etiquette. By grasping onto the banality and the endless repetition of such daily and indispensable exchanges, by incessantly saving and now sharing these moments, the artist instills a critical distance with the persistence of economic activity in our everyday lives. Am I what I spend? Why do I buy? What do I need?

Receipts are generally printed on thermal paper (for its light and inexpensive qualities). Markings on thermal paper vanish little by little with time. Thus, in an unpreserved environment, the contractual details in the archive material will eventually disappear. Already delegating this information to the shadows, the framing of the collection reveals only the back side of each bill. Observe how throughout the evening, the multitude of delicate watercolor paintings is arranged in the space, piece by piece, much in the same way that they were produced, one after the other, first as proofs of purchase, then as subjective traces of time.

The pragmatic pricing of each piece, being sold for the same fee as the price stated on the bill itself**, echoes the financial deal that lies at its origin. Bernardo Robles Hidalgo has previously exhibited his bills in London at the Royal Watercolour Society and the 2014 Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

*due space limitations only a portion of the project would be presented

** frames not included

Exhibition team

Livia Cahn, Guilia Caterina Verga, Koen Berghmans, Natalia Petkova - curation

Dionisios Lefkaditis - technical support

Salome Koussoropolis, Aurore Vermylen, Ricardo Carati, Burhaneddin Yagcioglu- production

photographer Natalia Petkova