These days "meat" gets my attention...

Partly because I believe that the present context, livestock production and consumption is at an unique point in human history - an increasing global production that is questionable ethically, ecologically, and qualitatively, and a market that is rapidly adapting to respond to these demands.

Which is why EU recently created Meat Market Observatory (Meat MO): "The aim of the Meat Market Observatory is to provide the EU beaf & veal and pigmeat sector with more transparency by means of disseminating market data and short-term analysis in a timely manner."

Partly because since I was introduced to the raw subjects of Chaïm Soutine, meat and its lookalikes inspired me greatly. Looking at the endless shapes and cocktails that animal products adopt in supermarket is scary, stunning and fascinating.

I am not so interested in the meticulous & crafted transcription of meat into oil colors, but in understanding how formally these products are constructed and how they intend to make me think about meat, animal, taste, nature, freedom, religion, politic, price, etc, etc.

Passing great quantities of time just looking at inanimate objects decomposing it is not socially welcome, art it is a excellent tool transforming weird fetishes into social recognition.

Oil colors on plastic film support